Dominick Avellino

Contemporary Portraits
Black and white film processing
and digital

As a fashion designer for many years, I was often part of the photo shoots of my designs. I saw that the relationship between the model and the photographer can be electrifying. My aim is to recreate that same spirit in our sessions.

Working with film and printing in the darkroom, have been long time friends. For me, hands-on printing completes the whole photo process.

When working in digital, the range of work and possibilities are broader as the client is able to view photos during the session.

It's important that you have a good time in our sessions so the best of you comes to light in the images. I can help ease any shyness or uncertainty so we're able to achieve a more successful collaboration. When there's a spark between us, it will show up in the photos. Portraits will happen naturally, with the goal of having you look exactly like who you are on a really good day.

-Dominick Avellino